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What We Do

Carrier Leverage

Maximize relationships with leading insurance carriers to obtain top-level contracts, the most favorable underwriting decisions and access to the latest products and services.


Forge long-term, beneficial relationships with affiliate members by delivering the service and value contemporary insurance wholesalers need to grow their business and increase revenue in today’s market.

Product Choices

Provide access to a robust combination of products and solutions to help increase your competitive advantage in the industry.


The collective power of NBCNM permits members the opportunity to influence and drive industry trends, which often leads to product and marketing innovation.


Industry Stars

Our members have access and comradery with some of the most established minds in our industry. Advice is just a phone call or an e-mail away.

Tools & Resources

Provide electronic tools and resources to improve efficiency and speed up submission to issue time-frames; increasing client satisfaction and getting commissions paid faster.