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Benefits of Membership

NBC members live with less stress and better focus on growing the sales in their business. When we wake up we know we have access and comradery with some of the most established minds in our industry. Advice is just a phone call or an e-mail away. Have a case that isn’t in you area of expertise or normal wheelhouse? No, problem- shoot and e-mail to a few members and they are happy to point you in the right direction- with no more motive then to help a fellow member out. What do you do when you run across that one case from a company that you haven’t heard of in years. Simple, shoot an e-mail to the coordinator and you’ll find out how you access it, what the top commissions are and the best way to contract and easily get paid.

Some of our Membership Benefits Include

  • Rich Compensation
  • Access to Carriers
  • Productivity Leverage
  • Educational Resources
  • Incremental Opportunities
  • Full time staff and back-room for impaired risk and case management


  • Proprietary Central Processing Center
  • Online Commission Accounting Tool
  • Multiple Vendor Discounts
  • Social Media University
  • Group Meetings & Calls
  • Annual Event